Living it with Lindy Exlusive! Jail-bird (I)

  What do you think it’s like entering a prison? Can you begin to imagine what it feels like being carded, questioned and physically searched by prison guards? Can you imagine what’s it like seeing even more guards strategically placed on all sides of you, watching you with their loaded guns ready to go off at a split second’s notice? Can you imagine having those hundreds of untrusting eyes staring you up and down as you enter deeper and deeper inside the prison?

  Would you take that 3 mile walk down long winding corridors to your final destination as you listen to the deafening sound of steel barred door after door locking at your back as you walk through each one? Could you spend hour after hour behind iron bars… bars on the windows, bars on the doors of a tiny room?

 This is prison… jail…the clink…the big house. At any moment anything can set anyone off and you can’t get out unless someone lets you out!

 Javier, a local Basque teacher has shared his personal account as a “jail-bird” with the reporters from “Hanging Out”. Watch the video clips and share the experience, if you’re not too scared.


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